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100% Specialty Green Coffee 100% Family Owned


For 20+ years we at Vournas Coffee have been committed to ethically and sustainably sourcing the highest quality green coffee and making it consistently available to our roasters year after year.

We do this authentically and respectfully and are committed to providing outstanding customer service. It is an epic day at Vournas Coffee when we can help our roasters develop unique roast profiles, creative blends, and perfect their craft. And the best part of it all is we have a lot of fun while we are doing it.

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Fair Trade Organic

USA 2002

Quality, Consistency, Trust & Attention to Detail

Vournas Coffee is built on relationships and trust which provides us the confidence in knowing the coffee will arrive in the way we want it to. One of our greatest strengths is attention to detail at all levels in the supply chain and we want to take what we know and pass it on.

Source Sustainably

Ethically sourced, with focus on environmental, social and economic sustainability. We are all in this together.

Full Line of Fair Trade, Organic,
Microlot, Natural, and Honey Coffees

We offer the pinnacle of green coffee varieties. Each are grown to create complex aromas and flavors and achieve a variety of expressions.

Come visit our Cupping Lab.
We are always trying new Coffees.