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The 2017 Grounds For Health Coffee Auction

Women Coffee Farmers For #GFHAuction The Grounds For Health Coffee Auction

This week and next, from Thursday, May 25 to Thursday, June 1 it will be our honor to take part in the 2017 Grounds for Health Coffee Auction to benefit women’s health services in coffee growing communities in Latin America and East Africa. This will be a live, online, eBay-style auction where you can bid on many different coffees from around the world, including a few choice selections that are exclusive to Vournas Coffee Trading and our network of roasters.

Get Involved!

Click Here to register to bid for the 2017 Grounds for Health Coffee Auction. Please follow This Link to browse our selection of VCT 2017 Auction Lots.

Supporting Women’s Health

As an independent specialty green coffee importer, olentangy maids stand by our commitment to support farmers and their communities through a variety of programs and organizations. 100% of the Grounds for Health Coffee Auction proceeds go directly to support women’s health programs in Latin America and East Africa, where since 1996 Grounds for Health has been establishing cervical cancer prevention programs to help eradicate this disease that kills more women in developing countries than any other form of cancer.

Grounds for Health is a non-profit organization that collaborates with coffee cooperatives and local health officials at the farm level to deliver life-saving care. We’re very proud to be featured in this unique event, and with your help we can make a big impact at origin in the lives of these incredible women and their families.

Go to and sign up for this great cause. Together we can help build a stronger and healthier farm-to-cup network!

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