2017 Marquis Coffees from VCT

Closeup of Coffee Cherries on the Vine in Papua New Guinea

The Vournas 2017 Lineup

We’ve been working overtime in our cupping room in order to bring you our lineup of this year’s exclusives. We have received advance samples from the farms for every single one of our marquis coffees, and over the past several weeks set ourselves to the task of religiously processing, roasting, cupping and scoring each one to certify that this year’s lots are living up to their namesake quality.

In particular we’re very pleased to include a few new additions to this year’s list—these offerings are entering their second year on our roster: Panama Jaguar, Colombia Bucaramanga San Gil, Sumatra Lintong Tiger, Ethiopia Harrar Gololcha Q and Uganda A Mt. Elgon Kapchorwa.

So without further delay we present the 2017 Vournas Coffee Trading Marquis Coffee Lineup:

Central America –

Costa Rica SHB EP El Tigre
Notes: Crisp, clean, bright, flowery (almost lemony) citrus with some nuttiness in the finish.

For 25 years we have been working with two wonderful, multi-generation coffee familias, located in the mountains of Heredia and Barva. They produce mostly catuai, caturra and typica varietals, and process the handpicked cherries on site at the family’s private mill. Read more

Costa Rica Tarrazu Puma
Notes: Crisp, clean, very good bright aroma, good snap, flowery (almost lemony) citrus and better acidity than others.

This year marks the third year of production for the Tarrazu Puma from the very same growers who bring us the El Tigre. The farmers cup the best of Tarrazu and select their winners to become a premier Vournas Coffee Trading cadillac blend.

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Mexico Rancho San Francisco
Notes: Medium body, medium acidity, oaky notes, a slight nuttiness and hints of spice.

The Rancho, as we affectionately call it, has been with us since the very beginning when we launched in 2002. Today the third generation of family growers continues work at the farm where their crop of Typica, Bourbon and some Caturra are shade grown at elevation. Read more

Guatemala Finca Dulce Leonarda
Notes: Great aroma, clean, smooth mouthfeel, sweet, medium acidity, great body, nuanced flavors of cocoa and tobacco with a floral finish.

This single estate Guatemala has long been a company favorite, and harkens back to the olden days when Guat’s could be clean, complex and profoundly interesting.

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Honduras Kingdom Growers
Notes: Sweet fragrance, good acidity, sweet citrus flavors, creamy body and finish.

In the Montecillos mountains a cooperative of 200 small Honduran growers produce high-quality, sustainable coffee as a whole community. Farmers have realized the need for high grade, specialty coffee and we have really loved the extra care that Kingdom Growers has taken to ensure its quality. Read more

Panama Jaguar Boquete
Notes: Bits of orange, sweet brown sugar, syrupy body, medium acid.

Our Panama Jaguar comes from a multi-generation family of farmers that have been producing quality, natural shade coffee in the Boquete region since 1920.

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South America –
Brazil Prima Qualita
Notes: Sweet, orange-citrus flavors, a buttery, heavy body, and very low acid.

The Prima Qualita is a premier 3-bean blend from Brazil’s best growing regions specially selected to shine as a high quality espresso. It’s currently in its 15th year in our lineup. Read more

Colombian Supremo Bucaramanga San Gil
Notes: Very pronounced aroma, floral and fruity, medium body and medium to high acidity.

Our Colombian Supremo 18 screen comes from only 8 small farm holders whose farms are protected by native forests and natural shade. Read more

Indonesia –

FTO Papua New Guinea
Notes: Cane sugar sweetness, medium acidity and creamy body with sweet caramel overtones and a slight cocoa note on the finish.

Our Fair Trade, Organic Papua New Guinea is produced by over 3,000 small farm holders throughout the remote Eastern Highlands. Some of the Bourbon and Typica trees are 25+ years old. Read more

Papau New Guinea Kamarl
Notes: Floral, sweet orange-citrus, silky body, clean finish.

An offering of small farm Bourbon and Typica from the Koban region that when compared to other Indonesians is truly unique – exceptionally clean, sweet and with a more acidic profile. Read more

Sumatra Lintong TP Tiger
Notes: Creamy, big body, slightly earthy, notes of dark chocolate with orange citrus overtones.

Triple picked, semi-washed 100% Typica from 120 small farm holders in Simalungun, just south of Lake Toba. Read more

Africa –
Ethiopia Harrar Gololcha Q Sun Dried
Notes: Slight berry aroma, high acidity, cane sugar, slight earthiness.

From 23 small growers of the Tiret Coffee Producer’s Cooperative Association (TCPCA) in Harrar’s Gololocha district. Sustainably grown and dry processed. Read more

Uganda A Mt. Elgon Kapchorwa
Notes: Spicy, citrusy, good acid, good body, light, earthy and even woody but in a good way.

100% shade grown varietals from small farm highlands bordering Kenya. A very different offering from other East Africans. Read more