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2022 Costa Rica Microlots

Costa Rica Santa Cruz Honey Microlot

This month we’re giving you a sneak peak at our shipment of our 2022 Costa Rica Microlots. First, let me say to our honey and natural process fans… this one’s for you!! Scheduled to arrive by the end of June we have two Honey Microlots: Los Vindas from the Central Valley, and Santa Cruz from Tarrazu. Then scheduled for Mid-July we have another two arriving from Hacienda Sonora in the Central Valley: their El Churro 50/50 Black Honey/Natural Microlot and their 100% Sarchimor Family Natural Microlot.

So seeing as how we will have to wait just a little longer for the Hacienda Sonora’s, let’s begin first with Los Vindas and Santa Cruz. Los Vindas is brand new in our lineup, it’s roughly 80% Caturra and 20% Red Catuaí, and cups with a very nice balance of bright orange and citrus. Santa Cruz enters its second year in our lineup, and features a mix of Caturra and two types of Catuaí (Red & Yellow), and has a more floral cup with complex orange notes and a touch of peach. Both ship in Grainpro bags.

Now onto Hacienda Sonora, where we’ve been working with growers Alberto and Diego Guardia from for several years, having already released many of their exceptional coffees. Their El Churro debuts its second year in our lineup as a uniquely designed blended process created to deliver complex, consistent cups year after year. Year one was excellent, and year two likewise is no exception. Next their 100% Sarchimor Natural, new to our 2022 Costa Rica Microlots Lineup features two distinct Sarchimor rust-resistant and highly productive varieties. Its cup has strong cherry and berry aromas and very nice notes of tangerine, raspberry and a slight bit of grapefruit. Both Hacienda Sonora coffees also ship in Grainpro bags.

Los Vindas Honey Microlot

The Costa Rica Los Vindas Honey Microlot comes from the 111 acre Cerro Los Vindas Farm on the volcanic slopes of the Tacuotarí Mountains, brothers, Eduardo, Leonel and Gerardo produce one of Costa Rica’s finest arabica coffees. These coffees are handpicked at peak ripeness and expertly dried and milled by the Palmichal Mill. A full 80% portion of mucilage is left to dry on the bean on cement patios, and a final run in a drum drier finishes the process for best uniformity. The lot rests in parchment for two months and is sorted and shipped in Grainpro. In the cup it has a perfect balance of sweet citrus, powdered sugar and orange blossom aromas, and the cup is very good with equally balanced notes of bright orange and citrus. Read More . . .

Santa Cruz Honey Microlot

Our Costa Rica Santa Cruz Honey Microlot comes from just 15 small producers from the small growing community of Santa Cruz. All together less than 50 acres produce the coffees in this lot of handpicked Caturra, Red Catuai and Yellow Catuai. Several farms contribute to this ensemble in order to build more complexity as a honey process offering. The result is a floral cup with balanced acidity and good body accompanied by a pleasant aroma and notes of orange blossom, peach, and sweet blood orange. Read More . . .

Hacienda Sonora El Churro

Our Costa Rica Hacienda Sonora El Churro is a blend of 50-50 natural processed and black-honey processed coffee from Hacienda Sonora in Costa Rica’s Central Valley. Named for the universally loved churro doughnut stick, this unique blended process exclusive to the El Churro Microlot has been created to maximize cup potential with results that can be reproduced time and again each season. Father and son owners, Alberto and Diego Guardia have taken full advantage of their 20+ arabica varieties, selecting a broad ensemble with which to create El Churro. The resulting cup is exceptional. Beginning with a wonderful, strong and fruity aroma, the cup is sprinkled with notes of sweet nectarines, raspberry, blueberry and peaches with a slight hint of earth. There is a good mouth feel and a natural balance between body and acidity. Read More . . .

Hacienda Sonora Sarchimor Natural Microlot

New for 2022, our Costa Rica Hacienda Sonora Sarchimor Natural Microlot is an offering of Sarchimor family varieties. Through years of testing growers Alberto and Diego Guardia have selected their favorite Sarchimor varieties for full production. At this stage just two Sarchimors are used, having proven to be very resistant to most diseases (including rust) and consistently productive, year after year. Each variety is independently grown, picked and separately processed. The cup quality of course is also quite nice with strong cherry and berry aromas, followed by notes of tangerine, raspberry and slight grapefruit. Read More . . .

If you would like additional information on any of our 2022 Costa Rica Microlots or any of our other offerings, please give us a call anytime M-F 8AM – 4:30PM PST. We are always excited to dish all the details about our specialty coffees, and the amazing farmers who provide them to us.

Yours In Coffee,

Kat Vournas, C.O.O. Vournas Coffee Trading
Kat Vournas

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