2022 Sumatra Lintong Tiger TP

Lake Toba, Sumatra

In the village of Saran Padang just south of the jaw dropping shoreline of Lake Toba in Northern Sumatra, 120 small farmers cooperatively produce our Grade-1 Sumatra Lintong “Triple Pick” Tiger. For many years Grade-1 was the highest grade Sumatran coffee available, but due to the demand for even cleaner, higher quality cups producers began offering “double-picked” and “triple-picked” lots that are hand-sorted and pre-graded.

Now we, of course, are incredibly proud of our entire library of Vournas Coffee offerings, but the Lintong Tiger has become a staple for many of our roasters. Its exceptionally clean profile produces both substantial body and mouthfeel, as is typical for Sumatran coffees, but beyond that, good acid, a syrupy-caramel structure and its complex pepper/spice notes have made it a stand out —particularly for lovers of the unmistakable, semi-washed Indonesian variety!

Sumatra Lintong “Triple Pick” Tiger

Our Sumatra Lintong “Triple Pick” Tiger comes from the high elevation farmlands surrounding Lake Toba in Northern Sumatra. This region is well suited for coffee (and tea) due to its wet climate and mineral rich volcanic soils. Lake Toba itself is actually an ancient caldera that was formed after a catastrophic volcanic eruption of Mt. Toba some 75,000 years ago, and is actually regarded as the largest volcanic lake in the entire world

Our Sumatra Lintong “Triple Pick” Tiger is ranked among the highest grade Sumatran specialty coffees. Certified Grade 1, TP (Triple Picked), meaning it has been rigorously sorted by hand to remove any natural defects and ensure only the best quality. Each farm averages just 2.7 acres, ranging from 2,500 – 5,000 ft in elevation. At the mill, growers combine their yields and mill operators are then able to adhere to strict specifications on defects and bean size to provide the best quality cups.

Semi-Washed coffees like our Sumatra Lintong Triple Pick Tiger are pulped and dried for only a handful of hours. Sumatra/Sulawesi growers are the world’s exclusive producers of Semi-Washed coffees, also known as a “Wet Hulled” (or “Giling Basah”) process. The parchment layer is left intact after pulping, leaving a good portion of the cherry mucilage, causing the beans to be gummy and sticky if not outright slimy to the touch. With regards to flavor, the extra mucilage profoundly alters the cup profile by providing more sweetness and even body. Read More . . .

If you would like additional information on any of our 2022 Sumatra Lintong Tiger or any of our other offerings, please give us a call anytime M-F 8AM – 4:30PM PST. We are always excited to dish all the details about our specialty coffees, and the amazing farmers who provide them to us.

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