28 Years And Still Trucking Along

As I prepare to head to Atlanta next week for the SCAA “Big Convention”, I marvel at how lucky I am to be a part of the coffee world. This June I will celebrate my 28th year as a green trader. Way back in 1988, as I started my second year in college, I needed work. I never thought that running a green coffee warehouse would lead me on my career path to where I am today, but hey everybody has to start somewhere. That somewhere involved delivering coffee and unloading containers by hand. Heavy yes, well at least I did not need a gym membership back then. I always marvel at just how hard this industry works to produce coffee. If the consumer only knew, they would never complain about what they presume to be too much money for a cup.
Things have changed for sure. First, I had hair and lots of it back in 1988. But what hasn’t changed is my attention to detail. Yes there are more stories and information on coffees such as processing methods and varietals then there was in the past. But the bottom line for coffee is does it cup out great? Can you get it year after year? Can the farmer survive droughts and Roya and a crashing “C” Market? I like to think that we all now understand that we all have to make money so we can reinvest and make all our businesses stronger. After all, when you boil it all down great coffee does not happen by accident.
Onward and see you in Atlanta.
Andrew Vournas