A Little Bit of This – A Little Bit of That

As we march forward to summer, the half year of 2015 is coming fast. New crops continue to trickle out of origin as late rains and port delays have slowed new crop arrivals. What’s new for Vournas Coffee this year? Plenty! With micro lot Sumatra arriving next week, to Guatemala Dulce Leonarda, and Costa Rica Puma Tarrazu! Oh, what choices you have to beef up your lineup! This will be the best group of coffees that we have had in years.

Here is what we are excited about:
1) Mexican Rancho San Francisco is back after two years missing in action. Don’t miss out! Only 275 bags of nutty, orange citrus with well-rounded acidity.
2) Costa Rica Tarrazu Puma – what can we say! Buy it before it’s gone! 550 bags arriving.
3) Sumatra Lintong Tiger – another cat that won’t disappoint! Creamy body and slight peppery spice will bring smiles to this special Lake Toba gem.
4) Guatemala Dulce Leonarda – 275 bags of PURE VIDA grown by two brothers who know their stuff!
5) New at Vournas Coffee this year will be our quest to find the best small lots of coffee. Stay tuned for Colombia micro lots – TBA, and of course; Sumatra Honey, Sumatra Natural, and very limited Sumatra Longberry, all from Wahana Estate.

Also on a sad note, Joe Verdi who worked for us at Vournas Coffee, passed away in mid-April. This ended a 50 plus year career in coffee as a trader. His humor, passion and kindness will be missed. RIP my friend. I am sure you are having a smoke with your other famous friends from Hoboken – e.g. Frank Sinatra.

Happy Roasting,

Andrew Vournas