A Message From Dr. Java

Happy 10th Birthday At Vournas Coffee

Vournas Coffee Trading Logo Graphic

As we ended the month of April this year, Vournas Coffee Trading celebrated its 10th year in coffee. While it is indeed a milestone, it is to me a blip on the radar. When my brother Mike and I started Vournas Coffee Trading on April 15, 2002 th...

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Study: Coffee Drinkers Live Longer

Classic Chemex coffee brewer next to "coffee time" blackboard

By Marilynn Marchione, AP

One of life's simple pleasures just got a little sweeter. After years of waffling research on coffee and health, even some fear that java might raise the risk of heart disease, a big study finds the opposit...

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Full Speed Ahead | C-Market Update

Coffee Market Update Graphic

So it’s been a long time since my last blog. My fault. Nobody else to blame. I have seen the coffee market go from a high of $3.11 to now a more manageable $1.85. Two days ago it hit a 17 month low at $1.80, and let me tell you that was one l...

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Oklahoma Couple Weds At Starbucks

Two cappuccino lattes

Tulsa, OK—A couple whose love story started over a cup of coffee looked no further than their local Starbucks when it came time to tie the knot.

"We fell in love over conversations of coffee," bride Eva McCarthy Capparello said.

The bri...

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Get Up, Dust Off And Keep Moving Forward

Coffee Market (C-Market) Report Graphic

In my last comments the market stood at $2.90. We are now at $2.36 which is a much more manageable number.

First The Bad

First, let us get the bad news out of the way. Coffees are tight; rains in Central America, Colombia and Indon...

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16 Ways To Reuse Old Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds closeup, macro coffee photo

Stop! Don’t automatically toss those used coffee grounds in the trash – there are a ton of ways to reuse old coffee grounds around your house or apartment. While a morning cup of coffee (or two or three) is great, the used grounds ...

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Coffee Searches For A New Caffeine Fix

Steaming Coffee Cup B&W

When the front-month Arabica futures contract hit a 14-year high of $3.0625 a pound on May 3, some analysts predicted prices could reach an unprecedented $4 a pound, as low world supplies of the coffee beans left buyers scrambling for their caf...

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Life’s Too Short For Bad Coffee

Mug of hot coffee pictured with roasted coffee beans on burlap

Ok. By now you have noticed a few changes happening at Vournas Coffee Trading. First off we lost our brother, Vice President, partner and friend, Read More

5 Health Reasons To Consume Coffee

Classic Chemex coffee brewer next to "coffee time" blackboard

By Kerri-Ann Jennings M.S., R.D.

I really like coffee. The morning ritual of brewing a cup, the smell that perks me up ...

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Organic 401a Inspections And Certificates

Organic Roaster Certifications Graphic

Increasingly, we have received requests to provide transaction certificates for each organic coffee purchased from us. Generally this occurs as the roaster is being inspected for organic certification, and usually after some kind of prompting f...

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