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Honduras El Socorro Microlot Coffee Trees

For a number of years the Kingdom Growers Coffee coop has been supplying us with some incredible lots from their community in Montecillos. Their coffee has quickly grown to be a favorite among our roasters—one unlike any of our other Centrals, and enjoyed for its unique profile. In addition to this year’s crop of our Honduras Kingdom Growers we’re able to offer a first time Hondorus El Socorro Microlot. Our spotlight on these new 2020 offerings also includes an update on the Cultivadores del Reino community during this most challenging and exceptional year.

Honduras Kingdom Growers

Though this year has been challenging to say the least, the Kingdom Growers growing community is largely self-sufficient; for years they have been reinvesting in sustainable infrastructure, eco-friendly farming practices and other community programs that have empowered their independence while simultaneously increasing crop yields and quality. As a result, through COVID they have thankfully been able to self-quarantine as a means of protection.

This year’s Honduras Kingdom Growers crop has a really nice orange-citrusy profile with an enjoyable floral quality. If you’re not already familiar with the Kingdom Growers cup, we highly encourage you to throw some in the roaster and let it rip!

As luck would have it, every so often we’re happy to be able to share with you an update from the Kingdom Growers Coffee, Cooperative Board President, Edgar David Sánchez Portillo. This past month Edgar was kind enough to send this correspondence to our office, and we’re happy to share it with you today.

Kingdom Growers VCT Letter August 2020

Check out our Kingdom Growers coffee full profile, and read more about the the Cultivadores del Reino community cooperative that produces them exclusively for Vournas Coffee Trading.

Honduras El Socorro Microlot

New to VCT this season, we have a special new microlot from four Kingdom Growers producers. Our Hondorus El Socorro Microlot sports a very different profile from it’s larger counterpart—a sweet aroma, more chocolatey overtones, milder acid, and a creamy body. We liken it to a vanilla-chocolate shake!

All four of the producers, Miguel & Rigoberto Sandoval, Omar Amilcar Lopez & Carlos Mejia utilize sustainable growing practices, and adhere to strictly organized plots of individual varieties in order to ensure that each is produced for quality, separated and easily identifiable up until it’s ready for export. All cherries are handpicked and centrally processed. Read More

This has been a challenging year for everyone. We’re very grateful to be able to continue our mission in providing you with a selection of specialty coffees like nowhere else. This year’s offerings from Kingdom Growers shows that their legacy as excellent coffee producers shines in every bag that goes out marked, VCT.

Yours In Coffee,

Andrew Vournas, CEO Vournas Coffee Trading
Andrew Vournas
President & CEO

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