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At Vournas Coffee
We make our Roaster’s Life Easier


Specialty green coffee importer

We are a family owned specialty green coffee importer operated by husband-and-wife team Andrew and Kat Vournas. We have the knowledge and expertise on where to source the best green coffee, how to get it into the USA and with the help of the best coffee traders and logistical support team we support our coffee roasters to make your life easier.

We do all the work and take all the risk out of importing so you don’t have too, and we have been doing this consistently for our roaster’s for over 20 years.

Each coffee we bring in is approved to ensure the quality is what it should be, and any details surrounding customs and importation is handled by us. Because of our many years in the industry we have a strong rapport with the warehouses so that we get the coffee released quickly and correctly and as well we work with freight carriers that can manage the transportation of your coffee to you.

Being family owned provides us the flexibility needed in making important and detailed decisions quickly. All this allows our customers to focus on their business.

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