Bill Clarke & The Cheese Shoppe – W.C. Clarke’s

In a salute to our oldest customer, roaster and friend, we take the time to highlight and put the spotlight on W.C. Clarke’s Coffee.

Bill Clarke first started in the coffee biz way back in 1976. Think about it. It was...

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Football And How It Saved (And Then Changed) My Life

Last week I was at a booster meeting for Westlake High School Football. The team is scheduled to travel to Aledo, Texas for their first game of the season on September 3nd,. I am including a fantastic video about the people behind Westlake Foot...

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28 Years And Still Trucking Along

As I prepare to head to Atlanta next week for the SCAA “Big Convention”, I marvel at how lucky I am to be a part of the coffee world. This June I will celebrate my 28th year as a green trader. Way back in 1988, as I started my second year i...

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Vournas Coffee Market Report

Ok, so here's the skinny on the market. As I sit at home and ponder this report, I am currently sipping our Sumatra Lintong Tiger. I often wonder how much hard work these farmers go through to bring us so much joy in the cup. While the market h...

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Central American Specialty Coffee: When Does New Crop Ship?

Specialty green coffee in burlap sacks stacked at a warehouse in Goroka, Papua New Guinea

If accountants, logistics managers and supply people ran the coffee world, coffee shipments from coffee farms and mills would occur on a “just in time” timeline. Coffee would be produced year round and shipments would dispatched days before...

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Strengthening Growing Communities with The Coffeelands Foundation

A coffee farmer associated with the Coffeelands Foundation, pictured in his field surrounded by healthy coffee plants

Growing coffee is difficult and challenging work. At the end of the day, the success of a coffee grower is not merely just measured by his or her profits, but rather the prosperity of their family and surrounding ...

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Happy Holidays

Vournas Coffee Trading Holiday Xmas Card 2016

Dear roasters, friends, and coffee lovers,

As another year in coffee comes to an end, it’s an honor to have you alongside us sha...

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What Matters Most

Graphic of the Vournas Coffee Trading logo with national flags significant to the specialty coffee industry super-imposed over a world map, covering the equatorial coffee growing region known as the coffee belt.

To the members of The Vournas Coffee Trading family,

While all our roasters are busy roasting away (with no rest through the holidays) we at Vournas Coffee Trading would like to...

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From Here to Honduras

Stacks of multicolored bags of specialty green coffee under a rain cover at a coffee washing mill in Honduras

Having flown out of Oaxaca, Mexico earlier in the day, and now on the second leg of my journey with Dave Day and Geron Gray of I landed in

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Many Miles to Oaxaca

Specialty green coffee importer Andrew Vournas and his son Zach meet with Costa Rican coffee farmers in their field of healthy green arabica coffee trees

Last month I arrived in Oaxaca, Mexico and began a two day journey to the isolated coffee community of Ixtepec. This was no vacation. Traveling with Dave Day and Gero...

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