The Benefit of Microlot Pour Overs

Chemex Coffee Maker and Coffee Grounds for Pourover Coffee Brewing

Is a cup of coffee always JUST a cup of coffee? For today’s specialty coffee consumer, the local, café roastery can be a stand-in-place journey around the globe to one farm, one cup with a story that is anything but average.

Microlot coffees are increasing in popularity for roasters looking to inspire and educate a new generation of specialty coffee lovers. The demand for microlot coffees continues to rise, as we have witnessed time and time again at past conventions. Microlots are unique in that they offer the roaster the freedom to enumerate every aspect of origin and production down to a very specific level of farming detail. These are not run of the mill coffees, and they’re not meant for a run of the mill brew.

Enter the pour over. First off, a microlot steeped in your bulk brewer is likely going to disappear fast. With a chemex, hario or similar device you’re given the fortune to properly plate the beverage experience, much in the same way a chef plates a well-prepared dinner at a fine restaurant. Presentation counts, plus it’s a critical opportunity to explain why microlot coffees so special.

Indeed for many consumers who still resonate only with the terms fair-trade and organic, microlot pour overs allow you to connect with customers on a variety of topics from the farmer or co-op to where it’s grown, how it’s cultivated and the processing methods that differentiate it from other coffees. These connections can be very meaningful both in knowing your audience and establishing your business as an authority. Even for customers who already know that they can depend on a quality cup from your establishment, offering them a microlot is a great way to share your passion and keep them guessing which flavors and what kind of journey their next visit might bring.

As specialty coffee importers who have been on the forefront of advocating for small estates, microlots and cooperatives we’re delighted to offer you a variety of microlots from all corners of the coffee world. Call to speak with our friendly staff anytime M-F, 8AM – 4:30PM PST about our current microlot offers and how we can help improve your roasting business: 800.761.JAVA