Central American Specialty Coffee | When Does New Crop Ship?

Bags of coffee parchment stored at Honduras mill

If accountants, logistics managers and supply people ran the coffee world, shipments from coffee farms and mills would occur on a “just in time” timeline. Coffee would be produced year round and shipments would be dispatched days before inventories were used. Of course this is not the case in the specialty coffee world—as we are all dependent on coffee trees to produce the coffee fruit, coffee farmers to pick the cherries and mills to process the beans. Many people are familiar with the harvest season, but many times forget to add at least one or two months to account for processing and the shipment schedule from mill to U.S. warehouses.

A Quick Reference Guide

As Central American specialty coffee begins to ship from origin (both organic and conventional), we have created a quick reference guide below to help you remember the typical coffee shipment schedule as estimated from origin:


The above chart is an estimate for Central American specialty coffee, as crop cycles can be affected by rainfall totals (or lack of), which vary year to year. The months listed are based on each country’s main coffee crop—keeping in mind that many countries also have a smaller “fly” crop that occurs sporadically throughout the year. We have also listed countries in order of crop size for Central America, and crop size rank in world-wide production. Shipments are listed from origin so they typically can take 2 to 4 weeks to be sent to our warehouses.

What We Have To Offer

With regard to Central American specialty coffee, we have a number of options for our roasters Our current Central American specialty coffee offerings include our Honduras Kingdom Growers, our Mexico Rancho San Francisco, our Guatemala Huehue Dulce Leonarda our Costa Rica Tarrazu Puma our Costa Rica El Tigre and our Panama Jaguar Boquete.

Vournas Coffee Trading is always happy to discuss contracting out coffee shipments over the year. Please give us a call to discuss the latest coffee arrivals and to ensure that your roasting company will have these coffees year round.

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