Colombia Excelso Bucaramanga

Our Colombia Excelso Bucaramanga from Colombia’s Santander Department, a region known for its dense forests and natural, shade-grown coffees, is cultivated in rich volcanic soil in a near-perfect climate of 68-71°F. This Bucaramanga offering is a 15/16 Screen or Excelso grade. It is 100% handpicked, shade-grown Colombia, Caturra, and Typica varieties, washed and well processed. In the cup it has a good body and good acid, and is very well balanced with notes of apricot, orange and tobacco.

Our Colombia Excelso Bucaramanga is produced by many small farm holders in Santander’s Bucaramanga region. It is worth noting that Santander’s specialty green coffee plantations are unique in their integration throughout regional forests, helping to sustain a naturally biodiverse coffee growing environment. Amazingly throughout Santander approximately 91% of the total number of coffee trees are shaded! — 61% semi-shaded and 30% fully shaded, allowing producers to develop natural, environmentally friendly ecosystems based on organic fertilizers and the surrounding forest. There are a total of 31,929 registered coffee growers in Santander; of its 87 municipalities, 75 of them grow coffee. Coffee farms here are typically highly modernized and produce mainly rust-resistant Castillo, Colombia, Caturra and Typica varieties.

Bucaramanga, the capital city of Santander rests atop a plateau in the northeast portion of the department in between the Andean peaks to the east and the immense El Tama National Park, a sprawling 340,000 acres of protected forests, rivers and picturesque mountains directly to the west. There are over 160 local parks and recreation areas throughout Bucaramanga, aptly earning it the nickname “La Ciudad de Los Parques” (City of Parks). The city itself is a sizable metropolitan urban-scape, containing a strong manufacturing base and several esteemed universities, yet its neighboring municipalities are predominantly rural farming areas. The climate is considered ‘tropical monsoon’ though not as hot as the tropics and not as wet as a rainforest; this is excellent for growers that produce higher Excelso and Supremo grades like our Colombia Excelso Bucaramanga.

In a country like Colombia, made famous by the FNC for its aromatic, bold and complex coffees it’s a joy to be able to explore a slightly lesser known department such as Santander. Back in the mid 1800s, Santander was Colombia’s most important region for coffee production. It wasn’t until the FNC first formed in 1927 and decades later in 1958 when they introduced “Juan Valdez” as a the preeminent spokesperson and face of Colombian coffee, that Santander farming began expanding to where it is today. That image of the iconic, Colombian coffee farmer and his burro has endured to this day, serving well the whole of Colombia in elevating their status as a quality source of specialty green coffee.

The passing of Juan Valdez in early 2019 marked a moment in time for all us coffee lovers and aficionados to pause and consider the significance of his life and the great achievements of Colombian coffee producers.

Cupping Notes: Good body, good acid. Very well balanced. Notes of apricot, orange and tobacco.
Producer: Small Farm Holders of Bucaramanga
Department: Santander
Region: Bucaramanga
Variety: Colombia, Caturra, Typica
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 4,229 - 5,741 ft (1350 - 1750m)
Coffee Grading: Excelso (15/16 Screen)
Harvest: Oct - Jan