Colombia Hacienda La Loma Microlot

Our Colombia Hacienda La Loma microlot coffee is the proud work of husband and wife, Hector and Sandra Largo-Prieto. Their Hacienda La Loma Casa Grande estate resides at roughly 5,500 feet elevation within the Caramanta Municipality, a southwestern subregion of Antioquia that is well established as a top coffee growing region of Colombia. Hacienda La Loma produces mostly Castillo and Caturra varieties, and in the cup yields a clean and balanced coffee with a nice brown sugar sweetness and notes of chocolate, caramel and tropical fruits.

The farm’s Caturra and Castillo plot consists of around 48.000 trees covering nearly 20 acres. The coffees are processed and sun dried on patios directly on site. Some of the neighboring farms also sell their coffee to the Largo-Prieto’s to process and dry. Coffee production from small farms like Hacienda La Loma, along with unrefined sugar from localized sugar cane plantations provide the bulwark of Caramanta’s economy. Local markets are supplied by livestock farmers and growers of bananas, beans, corn, cassava and potatoes, rounding out the remainder of local commerce.

Caramanta is located 73 miles due south of Medellín, the capital city of Antioquia, and approximately the same distance due north of the municipality of Villa Maria in the Caldas region. At a quaint size of about 50 square miles and an elevation of 6,725 feet above sea level, Caramanta offers its small population of roughly 4,700 residents (and a lucky cadre of visitors and tourists) stunning vistas of the surrounding Andes; springtime flowing in shades of green and dusted in white snow caps during the winter. From the center of Caramanta’s Spanish colonial main square, and indeed throughout much of the city, one can admire the grand peaks of El Cisne and Santa Isabel and how they reach for the stars beyond the clay roof tiles of practically every dwelling. But at such heights the average temperature in Caramanta is only 60° F, so best stay bundled up if you’re planning a visit! For this reason, many neighbors in the region have affectionately dubbed Caramanta “Capital de la Ruana”, a reference to the thick poncho-like clothing worn by many of its residents.

Cupping Notes: Clean and Balanced with a Brown Sugar Sweetness and Notes of Chocolate, Caramel and Tropical Fruits.
Producer: Hector Castro and Sandra Isabel Largo-Prieto
Department: Antioquia
Municipality: Caramanta
Variety: Castillo & Caturra
Processing: Washed & Sun Dried
Altitude: 5,577 ft (1700m)
Coffee Grading: Microlot
Harvest: Main Crop Oct - Dec | Mitaca (Fly Crop) Apr - Jul