Costa Rica Red Honey SHB Olman Ureña Microlot

Costa Rica Red Honey SHB Olman Urena MicrolotGrower Olman Ureña Salazar, a third generation farmer, has owned and produced coffee on his farm for over 25 years. The Palmichal micro mill where the coffee is processed is state-of-the-art; it includes patios for sun-drying, elevated beds for more rigorous drying, and for more inclement weather, a greenhouse and specially designed drum driers. Every lot of coffee that passes through Palmichal is painstakingly separated in order to assure full traceability and consistently high cup quality. The mill itself is located nearby, between Costa Rica’s Central Valley and Tarrazu regions; an ideal location for a milling operation, allowing them to process coffee from the best farms of these renowned growing regions.
Honey processing has become somewhat popular for a different taste profile from many coffee countries over the last few years. Using the honey method, coffee cherries are de-pulped, but much of the cherry fruit is left on the bean. The remnants of the cherry will then ferment into the bean – with mill operators very carefully drying and rotating the beans so there isn’t any chance of rot that could ruin the lot. When done correctly, the honey process results in a very pleasant tasting cup profile with accentuated sweetness, body and citrusy overtones.

Cupping Notes: Medium body, good acidity. Very bright cup with lemon overtones.
Producer: Olman Ureña
Region: West Valley
Mill Location: Palmichal Micro Mill
Variety: 100% Caturra
Processing: Honey Process
Altitude: 4,200 - 5,200 ft
Coffee Grading: Microlot
Classifications: SHB, EP
Harvest: Oct - Feb