El Salvador Finca Nueva Granada

Gloria Rodriguez is a fourth generation coffee grower that has consistently won awards in Cup of Excellence competitions since 2007 for her commitment to growing and producing quality coffee. Nueva Granada is one of five small coffee farms Gloria owns and personally supervises. It is located in the volcanic mountain range of Apaneca-Ilamatepec in western El Salvador. Nueva Granada was originally purchased in 1987 by Gloria’s father, Jose Maria Rodriguez from Antonio Alfaro, a well known coffee grower and mill owner. The farm had previously been neglected for a couple of years, but Jose Maria recognized it held great potential. It took just 2 years to transform Nueva Granada into a lush and productive coffee farm.

Since then, Nueva Granada has become a very important part of the Rodriguez family. Gloria took over ownership of the farm from her fa-ther in 1995, at which time she envisioned differentiating each of her farms. The Cup of Excellence has played a major role in her life to help accomplish this dream. Nueva Granada sits on 5.6 hectares and is completely dedicated to growing heirloom Bourbon varietal. It also has a small percentage of Typica trees that were first planted in the area in the early 1900s. The pruning method used at Nueva Granada is selective pruning and stem and root bending (agobios) in order to take advantage of the coffee tree density at the farm, which is also a highly regarded method of tissue management. Nueva Granada shade canopy has approximately 85 Ingas trees per hectare, making it a perfect environment for birds and small animals. It is very common to see wood-peckers, hummingbirds, ground-doves and grey-lined hawks on the farm. Pocket gophers, which are commonly known for their extensive tunneling activities, help to keep the land loose and oxygenated. Every year, Gloria’s farms employ nearly 65 people during harvest, and year round she manages a team of 12 to 15 people. Gloria is focused on and committed to maintaining a well trained and skilled team to whom she can provide better wages and working conditions for.

Rainfall at Nueva Granada averages 86 inches per year, and with an average temperature of 68°. The cof-fee is washed with natural fermentation and sun dried on clay patios.

Cupping Notes: Medium acidity with notes of orange, round creamy body, sweet chocolate, with hints of berries, with a Carmel, floral finish. Perfectly well balanced.
Owner: Gloria Rodriguez
Municipality: Ataco
Region: Cordillera Apaneca, Ilamatepec
Processing: Washed, Sun Dried
Altitude: 1350 - 1400 mts. (4,000 - 5,200 feet)
Coffee Grading: Microlot
Harvest: January – February