Ethiopia Harrar Longberry

From the birthplace of coffee! Harrar is an unwashed, dry processed coffee and, as a result, is an earthy coffee with “huge wildness.” Sharp acidity with a slight hint of wineyness. Good for espresso to build sharpness, and also shows through in milk-based drinks. Best when medium roasted so acidity remains high.  Harrar is thought of as one of the finest examples of true coffee, meant to drink as a straight.  But, you are the boss…do as you please.

Cupping Notes: Winy, wild tasting acidity, blueberry notes, lighter body.

Producer: Small Farm Holders
Variety: Arabica Heirloom
Processing: Dry
Altitude: 3,000 - 6,000 ft
Coffee Grading: 1-5
Harvest: Oct- Feb