Ethiopia Harrar Gololcha Negash Natural

Our Ethiopia Harrar Negash Gololcha Q Microlot is produced by Gololcha’s Tiret Coffee Producer’s Cooperative Association (TCPCA) and is processed at their local Samson Girma Dry Mill. Negash, the father of the co-op’s leader, Abebeyahu, is the sole source of this very limited microlot from the village of Mine Tucha.

“Tiret” literally means ‘best effort’ or ‘hard struggle’. The co-op community which is centered in the village (or “kebele”) of Chancho has the incredible benefit of a nearby natural spring from which to draw clean and reliable drinking water for this lot of Ethiopia Harrar Negash as well as others. Under the guidance of the co-op leader, Abebayehu, and as part of an overall sustainable farming program, recycled pulp from the mill is used as compost for local coffee trees. Pruning and stumping of the coffee trees is also an ongoing process to ensure the best yields and cup qualities. Member farms range in size from about 2 – 3 acres.

Gololcha is part of the Arsi Zone, which is just one of many zones within the larger Oromia region. Arsi is home to Mount Chilalo, an extinct volcano and the highest peak in the region, resting at 4000m (or 13,000 ft) in elevation. It is also home to the Great Rift Valley, many lakes and about a dozen farming cooperatives. Gololcha is bordered by the woredas of Amigna, Chole and Aseko, which are all part of the much larger Oromia region. According to governmental surveys only about 20% of the land in Gololcha is readily farmable. Coffee production remains an important part of industry in Gololcha as a whole.

Cupping Notes: High acidity, notes of blueberry, blackberry and cherry.
Producer: Tiret Cooperative
District: Gololcha
Region: Oromia
Area: Arsi
Variety: Abadiro
Processing: Natural, Sun Dried
Altitude: 5,900 - 6,500 ft (1800 - 2000m)
Coffee Grading: Microlot
Harvest: Oct - Feb