Ethiopia Kochere Zahra Washed

Our washed Ethiopia Kochere Zahra is one of our newest offerings from the well known Kochere district of Ethiopia. The coffee cherry is sourced from independent growers and small farm holders from the village of Kore Beloya and processed by the Kochere Beloya Wash Station, where mill operators meticulously sort through the handpicked cherries and select only the best red, ripened fruits for processing. Keeping the focus on final cup quality, producers work to ensure that the resulting lot is free of over-ripened and under-ripened beans. In the cup this Ethiopia Kochere has a pleasant aroma and an enjoyably floral quality with a clean acidity, clean body, notes of tart lemon and hints of red apple.

Our Ethiopia Kochere Zahra (meaning “White Flower” – a presumptive nod to the fragrant, budding white flowers of arabica coffee plants) is grown at roughly 5,639 ft elevation and comes from a local Ethiopian varietal known as “Kumie Diga Wilsho”. At the Kochere Beloya wash station, the locally-sourced cherries are washed, pulped and naturally fermented for 48 hours. The Beloya wash station uses 12 standard fermentation tanks and over 136 raised drying beds for their operations. Following the fermentation phase, the coffee is rinsed with clean water and re-soaked before being placed on raised beds for 18 days when the parchment moisture content stabilizes at around 11.5%, the ideal target for temporary storage at an on-site warehouse before being transported to Addis Ababa for final milling and export.

The Kochere district (or “woreda”) is part of the Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples Region (SNNPR) within the larger Gedeo Zone, named after the Gedeo people. The SNNPR shares a border with Uganda to the west, Kenya to the south and the Oromia region to the east. Coffee production remains the primary agricultural industry in the SNNPR, which also claims the woreda of Yirgacheffe.

Cupping Notes: Pleasant aroma. Notes of tart lemon, hints of red apple. Floral with clean acidity and body.
Producer: Kochere Beloya Wash Station
Sub-district: Kore Beloya
District: Kochere
Region: SNNPR
Variety: Kumie Diga Wilsho (Local Ethiopia Variety)
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 5,639 ft (1719m)
Coffee Grading: 2
Harvest: Oct - Jan