Ethiopia Washed Kochere Q

Roughly 750 small growers from the Biloya Co-op produce our Ethiopia Washed Kochere Q GR2. The growers are from the Chelelektu village (or “kebele”) where each manages their own small acreage plot. Wet milling is performed at the Legesse Kebede Wash Station, which keeps a close eye on sustainable farming practices as part of their overall strategy. This Ethiopia Washed Kochere is a Q2 grade. It cups with a medium body, high acidity and sweet notes of lemon-citrus.

The Biloya Co-op that produces this Ethiopia Washed Kochere has a total of about 1200 members whose farms range in altitude from 1600 – 2500 meters. They manage two separate centrally-located processing mills just a few kilometers from the main roads and 45 kilometers from Kebele Dilla, which is the administrative center of the Gedeo Zone and has been a major marketing center for the coffee trade since the 1970s. The Biloya Co-op is part of the larger Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperatives Union (YCFCU), which it joined back in 2002.

Despite it’s remote location, Dilla has undergone substantial economic development in decades past. This has brought many modern amenities such as digital phone access, postal services, a reliable 24-hour electrical grid, banks, a hospital and a full-fledged university, The Dilla College of Teachers’ Education.

The Kochere district (or “woreda”) is part of the Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples Region (SNNPR) within the larger Gedeo Zone, named after the Gedeo people. The SNNPR shares a border with Uganda to the west, Kenya to the south and the Oromia region to the east. Coffee production remains the primary agricultural industry in the SNNPR, which also claims the woreda of Yirgacheffe.

Cupping Notes: Medium body, high acid and sweet sugary lemon-citrus.
Producer: Biloya Cooperative
District: Kochere
Region: SNNPR
Area: Gedeo
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1750 - 1950m (5,700 - 6,200 ft)
Coffee Grading: Q2
Harvest: Oct - Feb