Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Sun Dried

Around 1,500 small farm holders of specialty varietals cooperatively produce our Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe. The dry milling is managed by the local Berhanu Semu Dry Mill. The mill does its part to assist in a local sustainable farming initiative, which includes recycling discarded pulp as compost for local coffee trees. Pruning of the trees is also an ongoing process to ensure the best yields and cup qualities.

Traditionally Yirgacheffe is a wet processed, washed coffee but over the last few years some of the mills have gone back to the original, natural dry process where the coffee cherries are laid out to dry and then the cherry pulp is removed. All of the coffee in the world today can be traced back to the Ethiopian tree varietals; this makes Ethiopia the starting point for any coffee discussion. Our Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe has an excellent, heavy and enjoyable acidity, although not to a Kenya-like degree. With the natural process we really taste the blueberry cup profile, a medium body and a citrusy aroma with floral hints and a winey finish. This Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe is a fantastic stand-alone single origin coffee, but also it can become a strong component in blends and espressos.

The Yirgacheffe district (or “woreda”) is part of the Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples Region (SNNPR) within the larger Gedeo Zone, named after the Gedeo people. The SNNPR shares a border with Uganda to the west, Kenya to the south and the Oromia region to the east. Coffee production remains the primary agricultural industry in the SNNPR, which also claims the woreda of Kochere.

Cupping Notes: Citrusy, floral aroma, blueberry notes, good acidity, medium body, winey finish.
Producer: Small Farm Holders
District: Yirgacheffe
Region: SNNPR
Area: Gedeo Zone
Variety: Abadiro
Processing: Natural, Sun Dried
Altitude: 5,900 - 6,200 ft (1800 - 1900 m)
Coffee Grading: 3
Harvest: Oct - Feb