Fair Trade Organic Papua New Guinea “Papa” Kinne Microlot

Dedicated to the great “Papa” James Kinne, this Papua New Guinea Microlot is a special selection of fair trade, organic coffees from the Kinne family plantation in Purosa. Throughout his life, James was an instrumental figure in Eastern Highlands coffee production. His contributions to his community, his family, and the region as a whole are profound. He meant a great deal to us here at Vournas Coffee Trading, having first met him some 15 years ago when we first started working with the Highlands Organic Agriculture Coop (HOAC) and Coffee Connections, importing their Purosa coffees.

These high quality coffees selected from James’ plantation grow simultaneously under the shaded canopy of Purosa’s natural beauty, and in the shadow of this great man’s legacy. Today the plantation is managed by his son Daniel and his family, who oversee all aspects of production from the soil all the way to the dry mill. It is in James’ honor that we offer this “Papa” Kinne Papua New Guinea Microlot coffee, in continuation with the good and lively spirit he taught us to celebrate.

Born in 1951 in Henegaru village in Okapa, James was a hard working youth. As a teenager growing up in Purosa, he soon traveled to Papua New Guinea’s urban centers for work. In those early years, he was a store keeper, later a mechanic and then a driver. It was in 1970 at the Clarens coffee plantation that James began his lifelong foray into the coffee world as the company’s transport supervisor, charged with operational management of all ploughing and planting machinery. Over the years his expertise grew as did his passion for coffee, which he saw as a real-life money tree — one capable of transforming the lives of his fellow Papua New Guineans. In 1977 he left Clarens and urban life to return to his family in the remote Eastern Highlands’ village of Purosa.

At that time James was the first driver, ever of the Purosa area. This commanded quite a bit of respect and admiration from both Purosa and the surrounding communities. Through his status, James wielded his influence and plantation experience to become an instrumental figure in mobilizing the local communities and District as a whole to develop a community-based method of coffee production; his ideas were embraced wholeheartedly.

Indeed James kept very busy. In just six years from 1984 through 1990, he along with like-minded partners and exporting giant Angco, developed nearly 250 acres of Eastern Highlands plantations, consisting of Arusha, Bourbon, Mundo Novo and Caturra coffee varieties. By this time James was also father to 10 children, half boys and half girls. A year later in 1991 James was the Managing Director of the Purosa Limited wet/dry mill that he helped to establish.

James was a humble, well-respected leader who continues to be missed. He fully grasped his potential as a role model to his community, demonstrating a lifelong commitment to bring about a prosperous and meaningful transformation to his people. Through his knowledge and skill, branching together governmental efforts, private sector interests, and NGOs James opened the door for the world to experience the joys of the Eastern Highlands’ high quality, organic coffees. Thank you James!

“Papa” James Kinne’s Papua New Guinea Microlot coffee is selected from the Kinne family plantation, now managed by Daniel Kinne and his family. It cups clean and is very well processed, just as James would have liked it.

Cupping Notes: Citrusy Aroma. Notes of sweet lemon, beautiful acidity and body with notes of cocoa and apricot jam on the finish.
Producer: Kinne Family
Region: Purosa Village, Eastern Highlands
Variety: Bourbon, Typica Hybrids
Processing: Washed & Sun Dried
Altitude: 4,000 ft (1219m)
Coffee Grading: A, Microlot
Harvest: Year Round, Peak May - July