Guatemala Huehuetenango Dulce Leonarda Estate

Say hello to a Vournas Coffee Trading exclusive, our Guatemala Huehuetenango SHB “Dulce Leonarda” from the Gustavo Mauricio Tello family estate, located in the La Libertad region near the small village of La Mesilla. In our opinion this Guatemala Huehuetenango is one of the top Guatemalan coffees currently available.

In the cup, our Guatemala Huehuetenango Dulce Leonarda is syrupy-sweet with subtle nuanced flavors, harkening back to the old days if you recall, when Guatemalan coffee could be profoundly interesting and clean with a smooth mouthfeel, good acidity, great body and profound sweetness! There are hints of caramel, cocoa and tobacco, a nice lemony-citrus acidity and a lingering, floral finish.

The Guatemala Huehuetenango Dulce Leonarda Estate’s farmlands cover roughly 590 acres and vary in elevation from 5,000 to 5,400 feet, making this a true SHB grade (Strictly Hard Bean) Guatemala arabica. The family produces an assortment of 100% shade grown Bourbon, Catuai and Caturra varietals, handpicks their cherries and operates their own wet mill right at the farm. Parchment is transported to the exporters dry mill located in Escuintla, where it is brought down to its green state. Annual yield for the Dulce is only about 1,000 bags per year and you can only get it here! For 10 years we’ve been honored to be the exclusive purveyor of this coffee, produced by this distinguished Gustavo Mauricio Tello family of coffee farmers. We think it shines as a medium roast, but you decide…old time Huehuetenango is back!

In Guatemala Huehuetenango is one of 22 individual departments, and one of eight different coffee growing regions, as defined by Anacafé or the Asociación Nacional del Café, which was formed in 1960 to represent growers and establish a national coffee brand. The region shares part of its border with Mexico and occupies roughly 2,800 square miles of the country’s western highlands. The land is diverse in geography and climate, encompassing a wide variety of tropical lowlands and mountain peaks. Huehuetenango is home to over a million people, most of whom are craftsmen or farmers who produce a number of crops such as coffee, wheat, potatoes, sugarcane, tobacco and barley. Although coffee remains the strongest and most valuable crop, there is still room for economic improvement as there is a reportedly high occurrence of regional poverty. For our part we provide coffee premiums to the Dulce growers, and all of our producing partners that are well above market price or even Fair Trade recommendations.

Cupping Notes: Great aroma, very clean, smooth mouthfeel, a nice syrupy-sweetness, medium acidity, great body and notes of caramel, cocoa, tobacco and lemony-citrus with some floral hints on a pleasant, lingering finish.
Owner: Gustavo Mauricio Tello Family Estate
Department: Huehuetenango
Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 5,000 – 5,400 ft (1500 - 1650m)
Coffee Grading: SHB
Harvest: January — May