Guatemala Decaf SWP

Our Swiss Water Process Guatemala Decaf is cooperatively grown and cups clean with a nice woodiness, medium body and medium acidity. It’s grown at 3000+ ft in elevation, and while at a lower altitude than our other Guatemalans, it still earns a HB (Hard Bean) grading. It is washed and sun-dried and milled at origin before we send it to be decaffeinated at the Swiss Water facility in Vancouver.

Decaffeinated coffees are notoriously difficult to roast due to their unique cell structure, composition and moisture content as a result of the decaf process. Roasters should be mindful to mitigate drum temperatures as decafs have the tendency to develop significantly faster than non-decaf coffees.

The Swiss Water Process is a patented, eco-friendly, chemical-free process that removes 99.9% of the caffeine from a lot of green coffee. Each lot of decaf is immersed in clean water to extract the caffeine through osmosis and passed through activated carbon-charcoal to remove the caffeine molecules.

Cupping Notes: Pronounced woodiness, medium body, medium acidity.

Producer: Cooperatively Grown
Processing: Washed
Coffee Grading: HB