India Monsooned Malabar

India has had a great coffee history; coffee was introduced to India from Yemen in the 16th century by Muslim pilgrims, and flourished throughout the country. The coffee grown in India would go through dramatic changes as it made its way from India to Europe. During the journey on sailing ships, green coffee would age as the humidity and weather factors manipulated the moisture levels of the green beans, as the coffee would have to travel around South Africa and up the Atlantic on its journey to Europe. As sailing ships were replaced by faster moving freight ships, the Indian coffee would arrive sooner to port, resulting in a loss of the aging” process. Ëuropean and American coffee drinkers Get ready for Mega-Earth! The 2nd heaviest bodied coffee next to Java. This coffee’s uniqueness stems from the manner in which it is processed. That is, left to age naturally in the mon-soonal weather of India. The resulting green beans are, in fact, not green at all, but a bleached, yel-lowish white. They are very good as a portion of an espresso blend, and a true adventure straight. Roll up your sleeves on this one!

Cupping Notes: Heavy body, Baker’s Chocolate, spicy, nutmeg, earthy.
Variety: Arabia – imported from Yemen by Muslim pilgrims in late 1600s.
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 2,000 – 4,000 ft
Coffee Grading: AA
Harvest: October — February