Jamaica Blue Mountain Mavis Bank

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is one of the most sought after coffees in the world, and a classic example of demand exceeding supply, resulting in a very expensive green coffee price. The producer of this Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, Mavis Bank was first established in 1923. Today Mavis Banks is one of Jamaica’s largest producers of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, each year processing in excess of one million lbs of Jamaican green coffee through their relationships with around 6,000 local Jamaican farmers.

Coffee was first introduced to Jamaica in 1728 from then Governor, Sir Nicholas Lawes who imported coffee trees from the nearby island of Martinique. Jamaica is a small island with a small coffee growing region in the Blue Mountains, located in the Eastern portion of the country, hence the name Jamaica Blue Mountain. Jamaican coffee is very well balanced and without any overpowering acidity or body. This balance makes it a pleasing cup of coffee to most people, and as a result the demand for the limited availability of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee drives prices upward.

In 1944 the Jamaican government established the Central Coffee Clearing House as a singular entity for the cleaning, grading and exportation of all Jamaican coffee. In 1950 with the establishment of the CIB (Coffee Industry Board) Jamaica became the first country to brand a geographical location as an established coffee type—similar to what wine producers in France did with Champagne and later what Colombia established with Juan Valdez beginning in 1958. To this day, all Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is exported through the CIB.

Cupping Notes: Perfectly balanced body and acidity, floral lemon notes with a slight cocoa finish.
Producer: Wallenford Estate
Variety: Typica
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1,800-5,550 ft
Coffee Grading: 33 LBS
Classifications: Blue Mountain, Prime Jamaican Washed