Jamaica Blue Mountain Mavis Bank

Jamaican Blue Mountain is a classic example of demand exceeding supply, resulting in a very expensive green coffee price. Coffee was first introduced to Jamaica in 1728 from trees that had been taken from another island, Martinique. Jamaica is a small island with a small coffee growing region in the Blue Mountains, located in the Eastern part of the country. Jamaican coffee is a very well balanced coffee, without any overpowering acidity or body. This balance makes it a pleasing cup of coffee to most people; as a result the demand for the limited availability drives prices upward. Jamaica was the first country to establish a geographical designation to create a “coffee brand”; similar with what wine growers in France did with Champagne. In 1953, the Jamaican Government created the Coffee Industry Board; all Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is exported through the CIB.

Producer: Wallenford Estate
Variety: Typica
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1,800-5,550 ft
Coffee Grading: 33 LBS
Classifications: Blue Mountain, Prime Jamaican Washed