Kona Fancy Greenwell Farms

This fancy grade Kona green coffee from Greenwell Farms comes from one of Kona’s oldest and largest coffee plantations. Greenwell Farms Kona is washed 100% typica and cups with a creamy body, mild acidity and nutty with some slight chocolate overtones.

Founded in 1850, the Greenwell family still plays an important role in the coffee farm’s production. Greenwell Farms grows their own coffee as well as working with neighboring Kona farmers to process and mill 100% Kona green coffee. Kona coffee is noticeable in its balance and clean finish. Kona is another origin where the demand of the coffee greatly exceeds the supply; as a result prices for Kona green coffee are greater than coffees from Central America, for example. Compared to coffee grown in other countries and regions Greenwell Farms’ Kona green coffee is milled, processed and dried very well, contributing to its broadly agreeable cup profile that is enjoyed by a majority coffee drinkers.

Cupping Notes: Creamy body, mild acidity and nutty with slight chocolate overtones.
Producer: Greenwell Farms
Variety: Typica
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1,000 – 3,000
Coffee Grading: Fancy
Harvest: August — April