Papua New Guinea Korofeigu Organic

Our Papua New Guinea Korofeigu Organic coffee is produced by the Korofeigu Farmers Cooperative Society in the Bena Bena Valley, located within the well known coffee producing Eastern Highlands region. The coop is an unofficial collective of 97 individual producers whose farms span a total of 276 acres of native shade grown arabica. In the cup it has notes of caramel, citrus and tropical fruits, accompanied by good acidity and a syrupy body.

The history of Papua New Guinea Korofeigu coffee production goes back to the mid 1940s, when several different villages in the area were encouraged to begin producing coffee by the government of Papua New Guinea. At the same time, a group of teenagers from these same villages were selected for a new coffee production and training program designed to help bring generational stability to the rural Korofeigu region. Initially the success was mixed, but over time their coffee plots began to produce more and more. Gradually over time coffee became the chief agricultural commodity in Korofeigu, where they have been trading and exporting their crop since the 1960s. Today, coffee as a whole provides a living for a third of Papua New Guinea’s population and is the single most profitable agricultural export.

Like other growing regions of the Eastern Highlands, Papua New Guinea Korofeigu farms can accommodate two crop cycles per year due to its famously mineral-rich, volcanic topsoil and jungle climate. We have traveled the world over in our search for amazing coffee and it is our opinion that the farms in Papua New Guinea have the best soil, climate and overall growing conditions that we have ever seen—if you put seeds in the ground, they will grow! Here at VCT we are huge fans of Papua New Guinea coffee and we’re very pleased to be able to offer Korofeigu coffee to our roasters.

Cupping Notes: Notes of Caramel, Citrus and Tropical Fruits with Good Acidity and a Syrupy Body.
Producer: Korofeigu Farmers Coop Society
Sub-district: Bena Bena Valley
Region: Eastern Highlands
Variety: Arusha, Typica Hybrids
Processing: Washed & Sun Dried
Altitude: 4,593 - 6,233 ft (1400 - 1900m)
Harvest: April - September