Sumatra Wild Gayo Kopi Luwak

We have sourced a very limited quantity (sold by the pound) (only ten 1LB bags are available) of extremely rare and sought after 100% cage free, Wild Gayo Kopi Luwak coffee, also known as ‘Civet Coffee’ from Sumatra’s northwestern Aceh Region. Accounting for its wild means of natural collection, Typica, Ateng and Bourbon are the core varieties of coffee in this lot, though others may be present. The cup has a chocolatey, nutty aroma, accompanied by chocolatey, nutty notes, an herbal, tea-like quality, good body, light acidity and some nice spiciness, slight tobacco and a lemony-citrusy sweetness.

Being cage free, we emphasize that the sourcing of this coffee is dependent on the area’s wild civet population and is not to be confused with other potentially inhumane reported sourcing of Kopi Luwak coffee. Members of the Koperasi Gayo Nusantara organic farmers group perform searches for civet excrement, collecting and thoroughly cleaning it before leaving it to dry for a period of 7-10 days. Following these steps, the coffee beans are hulled by hand, dried and hand sorted before being cupped, certified, packaged and prepared for export and shipment.

Unique to Kopi Luwak coffee is its fermentation, which is achieved within the civet’s digestive tract. Typically freshly picked coffee cherries are milled and submerged in a large water bath for a period of time that loosens and separates the fruited portion from the bean through a natural fermentation; in this case civets achieve the same results through direct consumption and digestion of the coffee cherry.

Cupping Notes: Chocolate aroma. Strawberry, wild cherry, with notes of milky way caramel and chocolate on the finish. Creamy, silky body, light acidity.
Producer: Koperasi Gayo Nusantara
Region: Aceh Region, Gayo Regency
Variety: Typica, Ateng, Bourbon
Processing: Semi Washed (Wet-Hulled)
Altitude: 4,593 – 5,249 ft (1400 - 1600m)
Classifications: 100% Cage Free