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Cold Brewer’s Guide To The Galaxy: Honduras

Coffee Cup with Green Coffee Bags

It was 2016 when I started my first coffee company. Focusing primarily on specialty cold brew coffee products in keg form and employing the nations emerging cold brew competitions as our soap box, we found with proper steeping we had the ability to deliver an incredibly consistent and unique coffee product that could be enjoyed by the giant coffee demand in our region.

But it was a year prior in sunny Southern California when I first discovered my obsession for cold brew coffee. The espresso machine I was installing was going to be delayed, but I still wanted a way to serve iced lattes and americanos in my restaurant. My roaster suggested “Toddy brewing” and brought me a dark roast he had been using and said, “steep it overnight and strain it through cheesecloth, and you have a coffee concentrate.” That day changed my life.

I have been creating commercial recipes in kitchens for the past 25 years and I approached this new endeavor the way I always do, flavor first. I was very dissatisfied with the results from that first attempt and thought to myself there has to be a better way. I called my roaster and said, “bring me everything you have.” He laughed and said, “wait… everything?”

“Yes, everything,” I replied.

By the next weekend I had over a dozen single origin coffees, a few blends and several roast profiles to choose from. Over the next few weeks my restaurant kitchen became a cold brew coffee lab. I experimented with origin, roast profile, time, temperature, micron sizing & sifting, agitation, rapid cooling, atmospheric modification. I even used a sous vide machine. Just about anything you can throw at cold brew I’ve attempted. And my results were eye opening. One consistent thing I found was it all starts with sourcing.

Without consistently great green coffee you’ll rarely have an incredible cold brew program.

Vournas Coffee’s direct relationships in Siguatepeque have been in the making for the better part of a decade. Several trips to this region and Andrew’s keen eye for outliers have allowed these gems to shine in coffee roasters across America. Like the Scarlett Macaw of Honduras is known for its colorful beauty and ability to mimic sounds, our Honduras El Socorro Buho offers similar traits.

When experimenting with roast profile, brew times and temperatures this Macaw of the cold brew coffee world can mimic everything from berry notes like an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, sweet orange citrus like our Costa Rica El Tigre, smooth crème brûlée like Papua New Guinea Purosa, or deep cocoa like Sumatra Lintong TP Tiger. If you’re looking for a coffee with endless potential, this exclusive offering from Vournas coffee is sure to add value to your businesses cold brew capabilities.

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Happy Brewing,

Michael Herrera, VCT Trader
Michael Herrera
VCT Trader

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