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Costa Rica Puma & El Tigre

Costa Rica Tarrazu Puma Cherries

This month, commemorating 20 years of importing fine, specialty coffee, we are putting the spotlight on two of our longtime marquis offerings, Costa Rica El Tigre and Costa Rica Tarrazu Puma. Both coffees are core offerings in our lineup, and deserve a special shoutout for their role in the success of Vournas Coffee Trading. Let’s take a look…

Costa Rica El Tigre

Back in 2002, our exclusive Costa Rica El Tigre was one of our very first offerings. What an absolute pleasure it has been to have the privilege to continue working with the multi-generation familias who produce the El Tigre through all these many growing seasons. We would like to thank you for continually providing your incredible coffee that has become a VCT standard and a favorite for our roasters.

Our single estate Costa Rica El Tigre is a Vournas Coffee Trading exclusive, and a long-standing company favorite aptly named after our mascot and logo. Our Costa Rica El Tigre is graded SHB/EP and produced by two wonderful, multi-generation coffee familias. The farms are located northeast of Costa Rica’s capital city San Jose, high up in the volcanic mountains of Heredia and Barva, part of Costa Rica’s famed Central Valley coffee growing region. Read More . . .

Costa Rica Tarrazu Puma

The very same multi-generation growers who produce our El Tigre also produce our Tarrazu Puma. And like the El Tigre, the legacy of the Tarrazu Puma has become central to Vournas Coffee. We had a mission to locate some of the very best offerings from Costa Rica, and once we sampled the Puma, we immediately knew we wanted to include it in our core lineup. Thank you to the Tarrazu growers for your continued dedication to quality and providing us with some of Costa Rica’s best cups!

Next year, 2023 will mark the 9th year of production for our Costa Rica Tarrazu Puma. Their cup quality has improved each season as these producers become more and more refined in their methods and process. As a result the Puma has better acidity than other Costa Ricans and great, bright aroma in the cup. That peanut butterish accent and classic milk chocolate note also elevate the Puma up a couple notches on the scale!! Read More . . .

We currently have 442 West Coast bags of our El Tigre and 133 West Coast bags of our Tarrazu Puma. If you would like additional information on our Costa Rica El Tigre, our Costa Rica Tarrazu Puma or any of our other offerings, please give us a call anytime M-F 8AM – 4:30PM PST. We are always excited to dish all the details about our specialty coffees, and the amazing farmers who provide them to us.

Yours In Coffee,

Kat Vournas, C.O.O. Vournas Coffee Trading
Kat Vournas

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