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El Tigre’s Back With A Roar!

Costa Rica El Tigre Coffee Cherries

Costa Rica “El Tigre”

What better way to kick off Spring, than with a new shipment of our single estate Costa Rica El Tigre, a long-standing company favorite aptly named after the Vournas logo and mascot. With this year in full swing there’s plenty going on here at VCT HQ. As always we’ve got a great selection of specialty coffees in stock, and boat loads more on the water and on their way to our warehouses. This month though let’s focus on El Tigre, a Vournas Coffee exclusive offering from the Central Valley region.

Graded SHB/EP, El Tigre is produced by two wonderful, multi-generation coffee familias located high up in the volcanic mountains of Heredia and Barva. This locale is part of Costa Rica’s famed Central Valley coffee growing region. Not only is it an incredibly beautiful area of the country, it’s also home to some of the most sought after coffees in all of The Americas.

We eagerly anticipate the arrival of ALL of our coffees, but there are a few near-and-dear offerings that seem to stand out. El Tigre, a Vournas Coffee exclusive, is one of those. Moreover because the families who produce it have been with us for over 25 years, each new season represents a renewed celebration for this Costa Rican gem.

El Tigre is comprised of catuai, caturra and typica varietals. It is washed and wet milled on site at the family’s private mill in Barva, and either sun dried or mechanically dried depending on weather and precipitation. The beans are stored in parchment until the exact time it’s ready to ship, preserving the bean’s moisture content and acidity. Read More …

It’s always important I believe to express that the Vournas seal represents our commitment to quality, sustainability, and a belief in a better tomorrow. Coffees that bear the Vournas Emblem are of the highest quality, and it is the mission of our incredible team to bring you exceptional and ethically sourced coffees that shine in the cup.

Yours In Coffee,

Kat Vournas, C.O.O. & C.F.O. Vournas Coffee Trading

Kat Vournas
C.O.O. & C.F.O.

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