Featured Coffee Spotlight

Fair Trade Organic Mexico Oaxaca Zapoteca

Oaxaca Mexico Coffee Farmer and Specialty Coffee Importer Andrew Vournas

As the world’s 8th overall largest producer of coffee, Mexico’s role in the coffee trade cannot be understated. Throughout North America specialty coffee importers and green coffee traders are keenly aware of the importance of the southern ...

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Ethiopia Organic Washed Guji’s

Ethiopian Guji Growers

This month we’re very pleased to offer you two new fantastic, washed, organic Ethiopian coffees from two different wash stations in Guji. Both have been produced by fourth generation farmer and mill operator, Aklilu Kassa along with his son, ...

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Tanzania Kibosho Peaberry Microlot

Tanzania Peaberry Kibosho Microlot

In northern Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro reigns supreme; it is simultaneously the continent’s highest peak (16,000 feet from base to summit), an extinct stratovolcano and the source of a majority of Tanzania’s high quality arabica coffee sinc...

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Costa Rica El León De Heredia

Black & White Vintage Photo Costa Rican Coffee Growers El Leon De Heredia

In Costa Rica there are very few families with a history in coffee that dates back over a century to the 1880’s, when Costa Rica’s independence from Spain was still evolving and coffee exports were driving the nation towards a coffee-focuse...

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Rwanda Hingakawa Women’s Cooperative

Female Coffee Farmers of the Misozi Hingakawa Women's Coffee Cooperative, Rwanda

We’re very proud to once again be offering our Rwanda Hingakawa Women’s Cooperative specialty coffee. This amazing group of female coffee producers claims the unique distinction of being part of the Abakundakawa-Rushashi Cooperative, Rwanda...

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New Colombian Microlots

Colombian Coffee Farmer José Suárez & Family with Coffee Trees, Finca La Esperanza

As green coffee trading goes, we’re always on the lookout for those coffees that offer a little something extra to our roasters. This month we’re very excited to have secured a few limited volume, sustainably grown Colombia microlots for yo...

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Papua New Guinea 2017 – Anything Can Happen!

Goroka Mud Men Ceremony, Coffee Growing Community, Papua New Guinea

This past month I traveled to Papua New Guinea for five days to check in on the farmers of the Purosa highlands, their co-op leaders and mill operators in Goroka. My wife Kat, CFO of Vournas Coffee Trading, our son Zach and Craig and Heather ...

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Central American Specialty Coffee: When Does New Crop Ship?

Specialty green coffee in burlap sacks stacked at a warehouse in Goroka, Papua New Guinea

If accountants, logistics managers and supply people ran the coffee world, coffee shipments from coffee farms and mills would occur on a “just in time” timeline. Coffee would be produced year round and shipments would dispatched days before...

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Kaapi Royale Coffee Announces New North American Importer

Kaapi Royale Coffee Announces New North American Importer
WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA (August 1, 2011) – Beginning this month, Vournas Coffee Trading will import coffees from Kaapi Royale Coffee of Karnataka, India to The Annex warehouse location i...

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