Flash Brewing, Iced Coffee In A FLASH!

Flash Brewing Coffee

Flash brewing has been popular overseas since the 1960s. Sweet and refreshing, this brew method provides floral aromatics more commonly associated with teas. This brew focuses on the first ½ of the brewing process which produces the most desirable notes, and uses the extreme cold of ice to counter thermal reactions in the brew vessel.

Note that our Mexico Rancho San Francisco works very well with this method!

Flash brewing is easily prepared in a selectable batch brewer or using a filter basket and pour-over kettle. The concept is simple as we are going to be using standard coffee to water ratios with a small omission to water volume. Let’s start by using the SCAA golden ratio of 10 grams of coffee for every 180 ml of water, or 18:1. But we are going to make a small adjustment to that water volume and only run 90 ml (50% of our water volume) through our flash brewing process.

The remaining 72 gr (40% of our water volume) will be ice.

Using ice in our brew vessel is going to instantly cool our brew and allow our iced coffee the ability to lock in those wonderful aromatics and give us the ability to serve immediately over ice and enjoy. The last 10% water volume is omitted to make a more flavorful batch that won’t water down when served over ice.

10 Cup Flash Brewing Recipe Using SCAA 18/1 Ratio

Makes Roughly 50 oz. Flash Brew

You will need:

One 64 oz Shatter Proof Pitcher

One 12 Cup Commercial Coffee Filter

One 12 Cup Coffee Basket

3.5 Oz Fine To Medium Ground Coffee

32 Oz Filtered Brew Water

24 Oz Filtered Ice

Step 1. Place the filter inside the filter basket and add your choice of fresh roasted and ground Vournas Coffee.

Step 2. Add 24 oz ice into a shatterproof container, and place the filter basket with coffee over the container.

Step 3. Begin pouring the 32 oz of hot water over grounds allowing the coffee to bloom.

Step 4. Continue pouring water over grounds until the brewing process is complete, typically 3-5 minutes.

You’ll notice the hot brew dripping directly onto the ice, instantly cooling and slowing the brew process to a minimum. After your filter has finished dripping, discard grounds, cover your pitcher and enjoy. This can be served immediately over ice, or refrigerated for up to 24 hours.

For more brewing advice or for help dialing in a recipe for your establishment please email Michael@VournasCoffee.com

Happy Brewing,

Michael Herrera, VCT Trader
Michael Herrera
VCT Trader

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