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Freight Friendly Coffee Shipment

Freight Friendly Coffee Shipment Graphic

Vournas Coffee Trading strives to provide excellent coffee shipment support to all of our customers and would like to take a moment to indulge you in the physics of logistics — or rather the physical properties and phenomena of eighteen spinning wheels, a thousand bumpy miles and a billion moving green coffee beans.

Preventing Coffee Shipment Delays

To help prevent delivery delays, we recommend that you order your coffee early, ideally sometime after your first cup of the day, but before the second. This will help give us the time we need to process your orders and find the best freight carrier for you. Varying circumstances may cause unforeseen pick-up delays such as the weather, dispatch errors, freight carriers that are “no shows”, and trucks that are already filled to capacity before your order can be loaded.

With a strong economy and the holidays just around the corner, the demand for shipping can put an even greater strain on carriers and driver availability.

In addition, keep in mind our warehouse scheduling cut off times:

Continental Terminals, New Jersey

All shipping orders and corresponding BOLs (Bill Of Ladings) must be emailed well before their 2pm EST cut off (11am PST Vournas Time) in order to be processed for next day pickup.

In addition, Continental Terminals has changed how they process orders. Going forward they are now requesting all Delivery Orders (DO) be submitted together with BOL’s. Previously importers would send the DO and carriers would send the BOL.

In the event that you decide to handle your own shipping, we are now requesting a copy of the BOL be sent to us to include with the DO. This will help us maintain oversight of all orders and shipping with Continental.

The Annex, California

All shipping orders and corresponding BOLs must be emailed well before their 11am PST cut off (also 11am PST Vournas Time) in order to be processed for next day pickup.

Carefully Inspect Your Delivery

Upon delivery of your order and as the receiving customer, please ensure that the person accepting the coffee shipment inspects and counts all bags immediately while the driver is still there, and before they have signed the BOL/delivery receipt. Make note of any discrepancy on the delivery receipt. Check all bags for damage, holes, stains, tears, etc., and if applicable note these on the BOL.

If bags are torn and have had beans spill out, calculate the estimated weight of the lost beans and note this on the delivery receipt. Take pictures of the damage. It helps in the event of a claim being filed with the freight carrier. Once the notes are completed and both parties sign the BOL, be sure to retain a copy of the BOL for your records.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Please remember that your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Every order of Vournas Coffee leaves our warehouse locations wrapped and palletized (unless you request otherwise) and in perfect shipping condition. Regardless of the situation, take the time to inspect your order. DO NOT BE RUSHED BY THE DRIVER!

We take our coffee not with cream and sugar, but very, very seriously! As always it is my pleasure to assist you in your orders. I wish I could drop in more often to share a hot coffee with you.

Happy Roasting!

Janet D'Andrea, Executive Assistant for Vournas Coffee Trading
Janet D’Andrea
Executive Assistant

What We Have To Offer

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