From Sumatra With Love

By Andrew Vournas

On our continuing quest to find and hunt down fantastic and rare coffees we have truly found several gems from Sumatra. Our newest member of the Sumatra family of coffees will be called Sumatra “Lintong Tiger” Triple Picked. This coffee is grown south of Lake Toba in the village of Saran Padang. There are 120 small holder farmers averaging 1-2 acres per farm at an altitude of 1100-1200 meters. The coffee has creamy, syrupy body, with slight earth, chocolate and orange citrus overtones.

Vournas Coffee Trading will donate a portion of our profits from the sales of Sumatra “Lintong Tiger” Triple Pick to World Wildlife Fund. This donation will go to help the endangered Sumatran Tiger, in which there are only 500-600 remaining in the wild. Of course our logo contains the Sumatran Tiger, and we have always admired this animal’s stealth and beauty.

We will also bring in micro lots from Sumatra which blew us away on the cupping table. Yes they are expensive, but once you taste them you will see why. See all the information below and make sure and book out before they are sold.

Sumatra Wahana Longberry:
Longberry variety is said to be named after its appearance. It is relatively long and thin in comparison with other varietals. It was thought to have originated in Ethiopia because its shape and cup profile are similar to Ethiopia Longberry Harrar.

Cup Profile:
Aroma: Clean, Spicy, Raisin, Floral
Flavor: Sweet, Fennel, Orange, Caramel
After Taste: Silky with a Cocoa finish
Acidity: Lower and Sweet
Body: Buttery and Intense
Overall: Low Acidity, Silky Body, Floral Aroma with Chocolate finish

Sumatra Rasuna Honey:
Typically the Rasuna varietal has high acidic character. With careful processing (dry conditions) and timing this magnificent coffee is more balanced and has an increased sweetness level.

Cup Profile:
Aroma: Spice, Herbs, Jasmine and Honey
Flavor: Herbal, Dark Chocolate
After Taste: Sweet and Round
Acidity: Clear and Sweet
Body: Syrupy
Overall: Spicy, Herbal, Dark Chocolate and Complex

Sumatra Rasuna Natural:
Typically the drying process has been difficult during the raining season in North Sumatra. With extensive research and development, machinery was developed specifically to aid in this process and resulted in a Natural process that is unlike any other.

Cup Profile:
Aroma: Melon, Passion Fruit, Winery
Flavor: Herbal, Melony, Chocolaty, Winey
After Taste: Long and Round
Acidity: Fruity and Sweet
Body: Full
Overall: Melon, Herbal, Chocolate, Winey and Full Bodied