Full Speed Ahead

So it’s been a long time since my last blog. My fault. Nobody else to blame. I have seen the market go from a high of $3.11, to now a more manageable $1.85. Two days ago it hit a 17 month low at $1.80, and let me tell you that was one long 17 months for sure. Coffee is still tight. Brazil consumption is at a record high and the Chinese and Indians are discovering coffee. Ok. There, we know this already so on to new stuff.

Don’t drink coffee. Drink coffee. How many studies does it take and would that money be better spent elsewhere. I am sure of it. My Yiayia who still drank 4 cups of coffee a day at 104 years old could show the studies a thing or two.

What’s new at Vournas…?
Well, a lot really. New crop Centrals, new crop Ethiopian and around the corner we have containers afloat of our Papua New Guinea Purosa FTO due in Oakland in April. Also, we will be sending coffee to Swiss Water to be decaffeinated, and we will be offering FTO Papua New Guinea Purosa Decaf in early April. We just got in a fantastic Colombian Supremo Bucaramanga. It is lemony, has creamy body, medium acidity and an almost buttery feel to it. In April, we will welcome our boys from Papua New Guinea, Craig and Henry, to our Westlake Village office, where we will buy more coffee and look to improve cup quality. Also, April will bring to us the SCAA in Portland. Please let us know if you are going so we can meet for coffee or better yet a cold beer. Remember quality, consistency and freshness are keys to your success in the biz. The more shortcuts in quality, the more business will erode quickly. Until I write again, thank you for letting Vournas Coffee Trading serve you in your coffee needs.