“Get Up, Dust Off and Keep Moving Forward”

In my last comments the market stood at $2.90. We are now at $2.36 which is a much more manageable number. First, let us get the bad news out of the way. Coffees are tight, rains in Central America, Colombia and Indonesia will make certain the coffee differentials will remain high. As far as the market is concerned, who the heck knows where it’s going. The speculators will certainly take advantage of the bad weather, lack of certified stocks, and the stock market and Euro woes. Now we can talk about the good news. We have plenty of beautiful coffees in stock, with our new shipment of Papua New Guinea Purosa Coffees, as well as Indian Robusta Kapi Royale. Yes, I did say Robusta! This coffee is so good you can drink it as a straight. It is produced by Nishant Gurjer & Sethuraman Estates. Nishant has a true passion for coffee and we do too!

Don’t take your eye off of the ball. You need Great Coffee to be a Great Coffee Roaster. There are importers, as well as roasters, who are cutting corners as we speak. Some are selling old past crop coffees or two or three grades lower then they used to trade. We didn’t build the Vournas Coffee Trading Reputation doing that and neither should you. I prefer to build a house of brick rather then straw.

In finishing, we at Vournas Coffee Trading appreciate your business and loyalty, and wish you all a Great Thanksgiving Holiday filled with joy and family. With that note, we will be closed half day November 23 and November 24-27. We will resume operations on Monday, November 28. Don’t forget to ship coffee early as warehouses and trucks will be short staffed as well.
Happy Roasting,
Andrew Vournas