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As we ended the month of April this year, Vournas Coffee Trading celebrated its 10th year in coffee. While it is indeed a milestone, it is to me a blip on the radar. When my brother Mike and I started Vournas Coffee Trading on April 15, 2002 the C Market was a barn burner at $.49, gas was $2.80 per gallon, the U.S. National debt was under 3 trillion and we were reeling from the brutal attack of 9/11.

Let’s Recap

Steve Teisl came on board in August 2004, and with that came our association with the wonderful world of Papua New Guinea Purosa Coffees. In 2005 the face of Vournas Coffee Trading changed a bit, as we moved our headquarters from Rocklin, California to Westlake Village.

A Few Personnel Changes

We had some personnel changes along the way as well. Karri, who stayed with us almost from the beginning, left us in 2009 to raise her family. Kat came on board first to help out, and then became our de facto CFO and Marketing and Strategic Planning guru. And we lost our brother, friend and partner Mike in September 2009 after a long battle with cancer. Shortly thereafter, we hired Kim to handle the very critical job of traffic and logistics and to keep the coffee moving. What has NOT changed is our passion to bring you the best coffee we can find at origin, along with great service and knowledge to help your business succeed in the years ahead.

Indeed, in the last 10 years, we have grown to service 200+ roasters in the United States, Canada and Europe. We would like to thank all the roasters that have been loyal to us, and to the many that have cheered us on. While we certainly are not the biggest importers (never our goal), we believe that after 10 years we must be doing something right!

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Visit Us In Westlake Village

There’s always an open invitation waiting for you to join us at our cupping table in Westlake Village.

Feel free to email us anytime or call to speak with our friendly staff M-F, 8AM – 4:30PM PST about our excellent selection of specialty coffee and how we can help improve your roasting business. 800.761.JAVA

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