Happy Holidays to You All

   This time of year I like to take a step back and be thankful. First I would like to thank our 200 plus roasters. We never take you for granted. Your loyalty, friendship and your dedication to bringing our green coffees to life is appreciated. This magical process of roasting to perfection never ceases to amaze me. This is no simple process. It takes dedication, consistency, freshness and of course fantastic green coffee. As we say here, what you put into your roaster, you get out of it. As we look forward to 2014 we see many things to be happy about! Vournas Coffee Trading will continue to bring in new coffees that wow us at the cupping table. After all, if we can’t take it home to drink why would we expect our roasters to. May you all have a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year! 

Happy Roasting!

Andrew Vournas