Here’s to a Great 2015

Wow, 2014 is closing to an end. It’s been a crazy year with alot going on, but it is always like that in the importing business.

The market has softened due to more favorable rain in Brazil and a revision of next year’s crop. Also who would have thought the dollar would strengthen the ruble and the Euro would fall. Crude is at its lowest in five years and has also lead a push down in commodities.

Next year’s crop in Central and South America and Mexico look more favorable, at least from the cup standpoint. The market will still be tight for good qualities. Buy often and buy early is our motto or you will left out to seek marginal mid-grade coffee masking higher end qualities.

We are looking forward to 2015 with a few new coffees in our lineup. Stay tuned. There is a lot more going here for next year.

All The Best,
Andrew Vournas