Kicking the Tires

A Coffee Report for Next Year

What’s up with, or in this case what’s down with, the coffee market. There has never before been more uncertainty in the coffee market as there is today. With certified stocks at the lowest in years, the Brazil crop at numbers on the low end, and finally the continued Roya issues in Mexico and Central America, indeed we do have a lot of issues effecting the growing regions. The rains have been falling in Brazil. But is it too little, too late for next year’s crop? The answer is like predicting the correct Lotto numbers.
Here is the skinny. Here at Vournas Coffee Trading we think that Mexico and Central America will have enough high quality coffee, but roasters will need to buy early or they will run out of qualities they need. In Colombia it is looking good so far for a nice crop with good qualities out of Huila Popayan and Bucaramanga. As I have stated before organic coffees will be tight as Roya has caused a big drop in production. Most concerning is Guatemala. Looking in 2015 the C Market will continue to bounce around and centers around Brazil weather reports. Buy often and buy early to get your qualities locked up. As the old saying goes, you can’t roast coffee you don’t have. May you all have a great, relaxing Thanksgiving.

All the Best,