Life’s Too Short For A Bad Cup Of Coffee

Ok. By now you have noticed a few changes happening at Vournas Coffee Trading. First off we lost our brother/Vice President, partner and friend, Mike to cancer, in September 2009. We have since continued to move forward with our goals intact. The first is to never forget that proof is in the cup and quality always comes first. The second is to bring to you old world customer service. Third, is our goal to help you, the roaster, produce a better cup, espresso and a pound of coffee.

We all realize here at Vournas Coffee Trading that we are here because of you, the roaster. Therefore, the more we share our knowledge and love for coffee the better our roasters will succeed. As we see it, success is not all about dollars and cents. It’s about having a love for coffee. It is about knowing we are all responsible for millions of workers and farmers in the developing world. This responsibility is not taken lightly here at Vournas Coffee Trading. We have been at the forefront on worker issues, environmental impacts of farming, health and education. How it affects people at the ground level is what drives our belief that every link in the chain of coffee should be of Herculean strength, and we continually look for ways to innovate to get to our goals.

We welcome you to our new website. Some of our loyal roasters may say what took you so long. The rest may be too busy selling coffee to notice. I say what my grandmother used to tell me “Siga, Siga or Little by Little”. In the future, I will be writing more on the Vournas Coffee Trading Blog including releasing old blogs that my brother, Mike, wrote. I hope he is happy with it all and that he is in a better place of peace where he can relax and see our progress. Lastly, we hope you can stop by our Headquarters in Westlake Village to cup coffee, to enjoy a cup or to simply say hello. On behalf of the Vournas Family and our great Vournas Coffee Team we are happy you are with us!

Andrew Vournas
President & CEO
Vournas Coffee Trading