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Mexico Rancho San Francisco Is Back!

Grove of coffee trees and view of the mountains in Chiapas, Mexico

The 2020 crop of our exclusive Mexico Rancho San Francisco is back in stock. This is one of our marquis estate coffees and a classic cup that embodies the best that Mexico has to offer. It’s medium-bodied, medium-acidity, slightly nutty profile is incredibly versatile with the ability to be roasted to your liking across the spectrum and served in a blend or as a stand alone cup. Our Mexico Rancho has remained a featured staple in our lineup ever since we first opened our doors 18 years ago. Each spring we bring this coffee in from a farm in Southern Mexico near Chiapas and we eagerly anticipate the arrival of its new crop.

[cupping_note]Medium Body, Medium Acidity, Smokey with Almond Nuttiness and Hints of Peach[/cupping_note]

At their family estate, third generation growers, Delmar and Fernando Moreno Guillen cultivate an assortment of Typica, Bourbon (and some Caturra to a lesser extent) under a natural shade canopy, and without the use of chemical fertilizers. With Guatemala just over the border, it’s no surprise that the Mexico Rancho cup produces an almost “Guatemala-esque” profile. Read More . . .

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