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It’s that time of year! Our new 2021 coffee shipments are on the water. We are very pleased to share this slate of new Centrals headed our way. And not to be forgotten, our Colombia Supremo Bucaramanga El Gato and our wildly popular Fair Trade Organic Papua New Guinea Purosa are likewise en route.

Check out what’s on the way!!

Costa Rica El Tigre

Our single estate Costa Rica El Tigre is a Vournas Coffee Trading exclusive, and a long-standing company favorite aptly named after our mascot and logo. Our Costa Rica El Tigre is graded SHB/EP and produced by two wonderful, multi-generation coffee familias. Read More . . .

Costa Rica Tarrazu Puma

Scheduled to arrive at the end of June, our Costa Rica Tarrazu Puma is produced by the very same multi-generation growers who produce our El Tigre. The Puma has better acidity than other Costa Ricans. The producers have improved cup quality year-over-year through greater refinement in the growing process resulting in a great aroma and complexity in the cup. Read More . . .

Honduras Kingdom Growers

Our Honduras Kingdom Growers coffee is grown on the picturesque slopes of the Montecillos Mountain Range by a cooperative of small, Honduran coffee growers dedicated to the production of high-quality, sustainable coffee as a whole community. Each year the Honduras Kingdom Growers cooperative works with approximately 200 small farm holders, providing them with access to an expanding eco-friendly knowledge base with a variety of training and farm management resources, including proper techniques for processing and milling. Read More . . .

Mexico Rancho San Francisco

Our Mexico Rancho San Francisco is a Vournas Coffee exclusive and perhaps one of the most underrated and undervalued coffees in all Central America. The “Rancho” as we call it is Strictly High Grown (SHG) by third generation farmers, Delmar and Fernando Moreno Guillen on their family estate in the mountains of Chiapas. The farm utilizes a significant amount of natural shade trees, and while not certified organic it is naturally grown and processed without chemical fertilizers. Read More . . .

Colombia Bucaramanga El Gato

Our Colombia Bucaramanga El Gato is a true 17/18 screen Colombia Supremo green coffee, handpicked, washed and milled by the Northeastern Colombian Coffee Cooperative (Cooperativa Cafetera Del Nororiente Colombiano). In the cup it shines with a nice, medium body and medium acidity and notes of apricot and grapefruit with a slight toasted almond aroma. Read More . . .

FTO Papua New Guinea Purosa

Our Fair Trade Organic Papua New Guinea Purosa is another Vournas Coffee Trading exclusive, and one that flew under the radar for a while until a bunch of our roasters discovered its beauty. Grown in the Eastern Highlands, specifically Ivangoi, Purosa and Okapa valleys by over 3,000 farmers and certified as FTO (Fair-Trade Organic) through the Highland Organic Agricultural Cooperative.

The majority of farmers here grow their varietals in small gardens within their tribal villages, which have for centuries largely kept intact their individual languages and customs. Some of the trees which produce our Fair Trade Organic Papua New Guinea are 25+ years old, producing less fruited cherries, but also a higher sugar content than younger crops, which of course translates to a sweeter and more complex cup. Read More . . .

This is an exciting time of year for us with so many different shipments headed our way for our roasters to enjoy. If you would like additional information on any of these new 2021 coffee shipments or any of our other offerings, please give us a call anytime M-F 8AM to 4:30PM PST. Our staff is always more than happy to take the time!!

Yours In Coffee,

Kat Vournas, C.O.O. Vournas Coffee Trading
Kat Vournas

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