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New Colombia Microlot Coffees

Colombia Hacienda El Jardin Estate

This September we’re reviewing a couple family haciendas down in the Americas as part of our new Colombia Microlot Coffees featurette. First up, Hacienda El Jardin, located in Chinchina. Next is the husband and wife duo who operate Hacienda La Loma in the Caramanta region. Both have wonderfully clean profiles with tremendous balance of acidity and body. We have had quite a few new coffees keeping our cupping table busy, so here’s the skinny on these fresh VCT additions. Enjoy!!

Colombia Hacienda El Jardin Microlot

Located just outside Chinchina, our Colombia Hacienda El Jardin Microlot coffee comes from the picturesque estate of father and son producers, Elmer and Juan Felipe Restrepo. This microlot coffee is handpicked and fermented for up to 48 hours before being laid in thin layers in solar dryers for roughly five days. It is then carefully raked for uniformity before being finished in a temperature controlled vertical mechanical dryer. In the cup our Hacienda El Jardin Microlot is exceptionally clean with an accented juicy, bright sweetness. There are notes of chocolate, caramel, vanilla, and dried fruits to accompany a tremendous balance of acidity and body. Read More . . .

Colombia Hacienda La Loma Microlot

Our Colombia Hacienda La Loma Microlot is the proud work of husband and wife, Hector and Sandra Largo-Prieto. Their Hacienda La Loma Casa Grande estate resides at roughly 5,500 feet elevation within the municipality of Caramanta—a southwestern subregion of Antioquia and well established as a top Colombian coffee growing region. Hacienda La Loma produces mostly Castillo and Caturra varieties, and in the cup yields a clean and balanced coffee with a nice brown sugar sweetness and notes of chocolate, caramel and tropical fruits. Read More . . .

If you would like additional information on any of these new Colombia microlot coffees or any of our other offerings, please give us a call anytime M-F 8AM – 4:30PM PST. We are always excited to dish all the details about our specialty coffees, and the amazing farmers who provide them to us.

Yours In Coffee,

Kat Vournas, C.O.O. Vournas Coffee Trading
Kat Vournas

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