Fair Trade Organic Papua New Guinea Purosa Decaf SWP

Thatched Huts and View of Cloud Covered Mountains in Papua New Guinea's Eastern Highlands Coffee Growing Region

Our Swiss Water Process Decaf Fair Trade Organic Papua New Guinea Purosa is a Vournas Coffee Trading exclusive, one that flew under the radar for awhile until a bunch of our roasters discovered its beauty. It is grown in the Eastern Highlands, ...

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Ethiopia Decaf M/C

Our Ethiopia Decaf M/C is cooperatively grown in the surrounding towns of the city of Djimma. It is a traditional dry process Ethiopian, but the beans are bit smaller in size than most, due to the decaf process which accounts for a small percen...

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Costa Rica Decaf M/C

Unripened, green coffee cherries, leaves and healthy coffee trees on a Costa Rican coffee farm

Our Costa Rica Decaf M/C has a similar quality to our Costa Rica “El Tigre” which is one of our flagship offerings and favorite amongst our roasters. It has a slight nuttiness and less acid than that of the El Tigre, which can be attributed...

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Colombia Excelso Decaf M/C

Our Colombia Excelso Decaf M/C is a 14 screen, cooperatively grown decaf that produces a very nice, aromatic cup with good body, medium acid and slight buttery overtones. Colombia is one of Central America’s major exporters with many distinct...

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Brazil Decaf M/C

Our Brazil Santos M/C Decaf is a 14/15 screen, traditional dry process, specialty grade offering that is cooperatively grown and sourced from southern Brazil. It is processed and exported through Brazil’s port of Santos; the largest in all of...

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