Ethiopia Washed Kochere Q

Ethiopian Coffee Growers at Kochere Coffee Washing Station

Roughly 750 small growers from the Biloya Co-op produce our Ethiopia Washed Kochere Q GR2. The growers are from the Chelelektu village (or “kebele”) where each manages their own small acreage plot. Wet milling is performed at the Legesse Ke...

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Ethiopia Harrar Longberry

From the birthplace of coffee, our Ethiopia Harrar Longberry is an unwashed, dry processed coffee and, as a result is an earthy coffee with "huge wildness." Sharp acidity with a slight hint of wineyness. Good for espresso to build sharpness, an...

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Ethiopia Harrar Gololcha Q Sun Dried

Ethiopian Coffee Grower Holding Sun Dried Coffee Beans with Raised Drying Beds in Harrar, Ethiopia

About 23 small farm holders from the Gololcha district cooperatively produce our Ethiopia Harrar Gololcha Q Sun-Dried. This is a natural processed coffee that comes to you from Gololcha’s Tiret Coffee Producer’s Cooperative Association (TCP...

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